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Statement of boys..

Statement of boys,
unsuccessful in making girlfrnds

1st Sem:Meri toh pehle se hai..

2nd sem:Chalo try Karenge..

3rd sem:Apne batch me koi dhang
ki nahi hai

4th sem:Juniors bhi selfish hai..

5th sem:Bhai kisise intro karvade..

6th sem:Koi bhi chalengi..

7th sem:Mere pass time nhi tha varna

8th sem:Dekha puri degree ho gayi par
aaj tak kisiko bhav nahi diya !!!

Exam SMS, Funny SMS

Height of confidence

Height of confidence

Once many professors were called and asked to sit in an airplane.
After they sat. They were informed that the plane is made by their students.
All of them ran and got out of plane exdcept one.
People asked him the reason
He said,”If it’s made by my students it will not even start.”